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The Second Story
It takes a thousand people to tell a single story.
Called You Friend (1/5) 
21st-Nov-2009 01:57 am
Title: Called You Friend
Author: the_arc5
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, some sexual content, slash.
Summary: The Enterprise is sent to deal with a situation, and one of their own is taken. But this is not where the story begins.
Author's Notes: First of all, this fic is dedicated to my talented and hard-working beta, amaberis. None of this would have happened without her. The mistakes that remain are all mine. Secondly, a word on technicalities like stardates: I did my best, with assistance from Memory Alpha, but I also made a lot of stuff up. With stardates especially, I followed the grand TOS tradition of just stringing numbers together. As the number gets higher, more time has passed; that's about as technically accurate as I can be.

Mission Brief
U.S.S. Enterprise
Issued SD 2378.24
Starbase 273

Prenda III is experiencing a global famine. Prenda has been declared in a state of Planetary Emergency, and Federation relief has been delegated. It will arrive in approximately two Standard weeks. As the nearest Federation vessel, the Enterprise is ordered to function as Federation emissaries until relief aid arrives. The Enterprise is hereby authorized to organize emergency aid institutions and perform diplomatic duties as necessary. Coordinates and cultural briefing attached.


s'chn t'gai spock, commander, u.s.s. enterprise, serial number S179-276SP. s'chn t'gai spock, commander, u.s.s. enterprise, serial number S179-276SP. s'chn t'gai spock, commander, u.s.s. enterprise, serial number S179-276SP. s'chn t'gai spock, commander, u.s.s. enterprise, serial number S179-276SP. s'chn t'gai spock, commander, u.s.s. enterprise, serial number S179-276SP. s'chn t'gai spock, commander, u.s.s. enterprise, serial number S179-276SP.


The cultural development of Prenda III is of great interest to comparative sociologists, largely due to the unique fusion of village and global mentalities that dictate Prendite social structure. Geographically, Prenda III's land masses are separated by large rivers, but the planet has no oceans. Some historians postulate that the close proximity of early Prendite tribes to one another, as well as the early development of river navigation, contributed to development of trade routes and intertribal relations which eventually led to the global government Prenda supports in the modern day. Despite this global mentality, Prendites place heavy cultural significance on the family and the village; the planet has no major cities, but is rather supported by a network of small agricultural communities. The strange combination of globalization and almost feudalistic societal structure extends to Prenda's intergalactic relations as well. Prendites have long been aware of life beyond their own planet, and trade fairly extensively with Arcis, the sixth planet in the Lucis orbital system. Their acceptance into the Federation was more or less a diplomatic ceremony that meant little to either the Prendites or the Federation. Prendite produce is a rare and valuable commodity for vegetarian gourmets, but there Prendite influence on other Federation members ends. As for Prenda III, it officially supports the Federation's diplomatic efforts and quietly goes on with the same peaceful existence it has enjoyed for centuries, uninvolved in what those diplomatic efforts actually entail...

Malencon Ve'nbe
A Brief Introduction to the Allied Planets of the Federation


Will you ask strangers to care for your family? Will you willingly give your land to foreign hands? Will you put your faith in these matzkahm from the stars? This Federation feeds like a gartu, its web stretched wide between the branches of the universe, each planet a quivering morsel to its greedy maw. It claims us, then abandons us, an adopted child left outside to starve. It wants us, but to what end? Does it look after us? Does it prize our lands and rivers as we do? Does it take pride in us, as family takes pride in its children? No! The Federation demands our allegiance and rejects us in the same breath! We are of one family, and we owe no allegiance to those who would forget us!

Excerpt from a speech by Kahienre of Isza, Prendite activist


George S. Kirk
135 Boyd Ave
Apt J
Tulsa, OK 74101

September 20, 2256

Dear Sam,

Seriously? Another one? What is it about Oklahoma that makes you so eager to have babies, huh? Aurelan must look like a goddess of the wheat fields or something. Tell her I said congratulations, by the way, and good luck. God only knows why she would agree to procreate with you twice. Thank goodness Kyle took after his good-looking, funny, intelligent, charming, totally bad-ass uncle. And he's got his mother's eyes. That's nice.

Really, though, I'm happy for you two. And no, that doesn't mean I'm looking to you for an example of how I should settle down. I don't know why I didn't think of Academy before; place is crawling with singles of every make and model. Met this Orion girl in one of my programming classes, gorgeous hair, legs all the way to the ground. I'm hoping to run into her this weekend. Sam, I can see you shaking your head at me all the way from San Francisco. Stop it. I am not, as you so elegantly dubbed me in your last missive, an incorrigible whore. I accept nothing for my service but mutual satisfaction, and I can't help it if there are a lot of people that need satisfying. And before you ask, yes, the Roommate Dilemma continues. Bones is my best friend, and seriously, I'm not a jackass. But I'm not blind, though I may have to stab my eyes out soon in order to keep up my resolve. He comes in dripping, Sam. Man thinks towels were invented to frame his hips, I swear. I resorted to actually reading my assignments for once when he came in the other day. He'd played a pickup game of football with some people from Med, and he was all grassy and sweaty, and he started shucking clothes as fast as he could. Thing was, he didn't want to get grass all over the floor, so he was being all twisty and bendy about it. I swear, it was the best striptease I've seen since you took me to that joint in Iowa for my sixteenth birthday. Anyway, so he finishes his Anal-Retentive Dance of Seduction and hits the showers, comes back dripping wet, and flings himself onto his bed utterly naked and moaning. I ask you, Sam: IS THIS ANY WAY TO TREAT YOUR ROOMMATE? I couldn't even jerk off until I got in the shower a solid six hours later. He does this to me, gets me all comfortable, and then lays himself out like a fucking buffet of gorgeous. And he wonders why I throw things at his head.

Studies are fine. Slept my way through Foundations of Starfleet, and no great loss there. Essentially, all hail the mighty Vulcans and their pointy eyebrows of progress. Spare me. I just skipped the day they did Tarsus. I think I'm going to join Xenolinguistics club. It's totally unrelated to my focus, but even I can tell that some of these translations they give us are shit. I caught six incorrect verb tenses in "The Ballad of Gai-tan'ee" alone. Standard issue textbooks, honestly. Hell in a handbasket, brother, hell in a handbasket.

Speaking of standard-issue failures, do I even want to know why Aurelan sent me a box of socks and underwear? I mean, I'm eternally grateful, as apparently regulation undergarments must be stitched from low-grade sandpaper, but how did she know that? In any case, my ass thanks her. Can I say that to my brother's wife? Okay, I take it back, don't discuss my ass with her. That's just creepy.

Well, I guess I'll wrap it up. There's some sort of concert Bones wants to go to. It'll probably be horrible; Bones can drink like a champ, and he hasn't once made fun of my books, but the man has absolutely no taste in music. But I can deny him nothing, especially when he gets all nonchalant and acts like he doesn't care. That's how I know he really, really wants something. You can wipe that grin off your face right now, George Samuel. Just because I'm hopelessly in love with him does not mean I'm coming to live next door to you and have ungodly amounts of children. Besides, the way Bones swears, Aurelan would just die.

Oh, there's a data chip in here. NOT KID FRIENDLY, SO KEEP KYLE THE HELL AWAY FROM IT. It's actually a sim we run in one of my classes, but I got creative with one of my lit assignments and added a vague sort of storyline. Voila, brother: your very own first-person shooter. Blow up Klingons to your heart's content. See? I do love you.

I'll talk to you soon. And call whenever, you know I never sleep.

- Jim


Joanna McCoy
1421 N Augusta Ave
Waycross, GA 31503

My Jojo,

Did you get your teddy bear? Daddy sent it last week, so it should be there by now. Give him a big hug and a kiss, okay? He's a magic bear, and while you're asleep, he'll send me all your hugs and kisses, and he'll give all my hugs and kisses to you, so you never forget that Daddy loves you.

You wanted to see pictures of my new house, and here they are. This is a picture of where I live. My bed has the blue blanket. Your picture is on my shelf. The man in the picture is my friend Jim. He says to tell you hello. Jim is going to be a starship captain when he grows up. Someday, we're going to space together, so I can fix him when he gets hurt. He does that a lot.

This is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Kind of orange, isn't it?

This is a picture of where Daddy works. My work is on the very top floor of the tallest tower. All I need is my Princess, and it would be just like a fairy tale.

And here's a picture of Daddy and Jim in their school uniforms. We have to wear them just like you do. Do you like your new school? What have you learned? Are you making lots of friends? I know kindergarten can be scary, but I also know you're going to do just great.

I love you, sweetheart. Be good for Mommy, okay? I'll talk to you soon.




Dr. Leonard McCoy
c/o Starfleet Academy
560 Parnassus Ave, Room 794-C
San Fransisco, CA 94143-0408

Dear Daddy,

Hello and I love you. Connie my babysitter is helping me write this letter so you can read it because she read your letter to me and she knows words real good. I don't know how to write yet but my teacher says soon. I like my school except Alexander because he smells like bologna. Tosh is my best friend. She's from Orion and she's green. I colored my arm to be green like her but Mommy got mad so I had to wash it off. I like your uniform. Red is my favorite color except for green. When are you coming to visit? You can bring Jim with you. He's pretty. Tomorrow Connie is taking me to the store to get a teddy bear and we will put it in a box with this letter and I drew a picture for you so you can have all my hugs and kisses.

I love you, Daddy.


Dr. McCoy - I did my best to take everything down accurately. She kissed the paper when I was done. -Connie McFarlan


Official Transmission
Flagged: Red Alert
Origin: Vulcan
SD 2258.42

This is a distress signal issued by [data corrupted] severe disturbance thought to be linked to [data corrupted] immediate assistance requested [message truncated]


This is all a case of mistaken identity:
Mine, yours, his, ours.
The future has paid visit to the past
and none of us know who we are.

You can't be who you say you are.
I can't be who you say I am.

You believe in me.

When you touch me, you touch me because you know I'll make things right.
You show me the tragedy, the terror, and the wrong, because
these are the fights I win.
I always win.

You believe in me like you believe in oxygen.
I've held your life in my hands
And it's my face, my voice, that lends you hope.
You had been ready to die.
But now I'm here, and the universe has righted itself.

My god. What did I ever do to earn trust like that?

It takes all the strength you have not to reach for my hand as we walk.
How do I know that?
Your fingers matched your eyes to mine.
Always touching, never touched.

You believe in me.

The you that tries to choke the life from me,
eyes shuttered, like yours but not who you are,
not who I am,
hands are familiar around my throat.

If you let me live, I'll earn it. I'll give my life to earn whatever it is you saw in me.

We felt right, together.


Recommendation of Promotion

Recommended Recipient: First Officer James T. Kirk (Emergency field promotion. Previous rank: Ensign.)
Recommending Officer: Captain Christopher Pike
Recommended Promotion: Rank of Captain, Command of the Starship Enterprise
Reason for Recommendation: Outstanding valor and bravery in the face of imminent danger; performance above and beyond the call of duty; proof of innovative tactical skills, ability to command, and devotion to the Starfleet credo at personal risk and in variance to personal gratification.
Further Notes: Academic records and aptitude tests support candidate's potential for command and reflect character merit. Exemplary field performance (see FR:7364, OR:9847.2, RV:76A). Commander Spock (U.S.S. Enterprise) to provide character reference by request.

All recommendations are subject to Starfleet Board review. Submitters may present a defense of their submission during review. Submission of recommendation does not indicate promotion. Submissions are due 30 days prior to scheduled review. All submissions must be logged with serial number, stardate, and fingerprint verification. Missing information will invalidate submission.


Private Communication
VtT/SCG: SD 2258.63
Sender: Pike, Christopher
Recipient: Spock, S. T.


I'm going to submit a recommendation for Kirk as the replacement captain of the Enterprise. I understand there were some personal conflicts between the two of you, but I'd like to ask your permission to add you as a character reference. Everyone knows Vulcans don't lie, and I think your input may be crucial to getting the recommendation pushed through. Will you do it?

- Captain Pike


Private Communication
VtT/SCG: SD 2258.63
Sender: Spock, S. T.
Recipient: Pike, Christopher
Subject: Re:

Captain Pike,

My personal regard for Mr. Kirk is irrelevant. His temporary command aboard the Enterprise, while irregular, produced favorable results. His conduct was initially abrasive toward me, but only during a crucial tactical moment, and proved to have the intended consequence: a strategic maneuver. During our journey back to Earth, his behavior was befitting that of an officer, and he has since apologized for his emotionally incendiary comments, which proves them to be the exception rather than the norm. I believe Mr. Kirk's character to be satisfactory, and will testify to this as needed.

Will this suffice?

- Spock


Private Communication
VtT/SCG: SD 2258.63
Sender: Pike, Christopher
Recipient: Spock, S. T.
Subject: Re: Re:

He apologized? Really?


Private Communication
VtT/SCG: SD 2258.63
Sender: Spock, S. T.
Recipient: Pike, Christopher
Subject: Re: Re: Re:

Captain Pike,

He did apologize, although he expressed some discomfort while doing so. I have reason to suspect Dr. McCoy may have had some motivational influence in the matter. However, I have equal reason to believe the apology was sincere, and do not feel that Dr. McCoy's influence detracts from my character witness.



Private Communication
VtT/SCG: SD 2258.63
Sender: Pike, Christopher
Recipient: Spock, S. T.
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re:

No, no, of course not. That will do nicely, Spock, thank you. I appreciate your help.

- Pike

Part Two
22nd-Nov-2009 08:38 am (UTC)
"He apologized? Really?"

LOL! I could just see Pike do a spittake there.
22nd-Nov-2009 04:08 pm (UTC)
Also, I have since finished this, but somehow I had the first page still open in this tab and I just got why there's Spock's name and serial number in the beginning! Nice! (Or actually very not nice, but you get my meaning, I hope.)
23rd-Nov-2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
When I read the letter from Joanna, I actually cried!
25th-Nov-2009 12:56 am (UTC)
The letter from Jim to Sam is so IC I can hear Pine reading it, I tell you! I love Spock's voice in his messages to Pike and Pike's little asides.

You've built a little world here in asides and quotations - it's pretty freaking fantastic!
3rd-Sep-2010 03:44 am (UTC)
soooooooo original!!!
this epistolary back and forth! and my god, the vulnerability that you show us in McCoy's letter to Joanna i just heart wrenchingly gorgeous. I mean, we all know that Bones is a big softie but to have empirical proof that is SO in character is lovely. Plus we see indirectly how he's equally as obsessed with Jim as Jim is obsessed with him. <3

Also, Kirk's.. distress signal re: Ambassador spock is poetry, pure and simple poetry, every single line was perfect and so damned earnest, especially his fighting for the chance to earn AOS! spock' trust... gorgeous. really really gorgeous!

18th-Oct-2012 02:07 am (UTC)
The letters from JoJo and her Daddy choked me up.
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